Betau Valley

Betau Valley

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New dig in Raub

For the past two months, I was puzzled by lights outside a rubber estate in Lurah Bilut, just a km or two short of Kampung Asap on the way to Bentong. Then, I remembered a friend telling me she had a wonderful dinner inside a rubber plantation (mystery...mystery) and finally, during CNY, someone visited me and noted that there is effectively a resort-like restaurant in Raub. As I commute weekly from Kuala Lumpur to Raub, I decided to pay attention at this point of the route and voila a couple of weeks back, they finally decided to put up their banners on the roadside indicating the business inside...

Flashback to Saturday 26 February 2011...out of curiosity and adventure, I drove my wife to the spot and into the rubber estate, trying to 'surprise' her. Already, there were two cars ahead of us and really, after 20 minutes or so driving through some really gravelly 'path', we arrived at the resort aptly named Valley Resort. Obviously, we were not the only curious diners in Raub and Bentong as a spread on some local papers and words to mouth finally worked for them - there were almost no parking available...

Hundred coloured flags adorn the hill - an homage to legendary Chinese heroes (what's the pertinence here?)

The flow of the stream in the estate, Sungai Cermin, was stratified with cement barriers to create more dramatic cascades along the property. At the entrance, the moderately impressive cascade is natural.

Lakes were created to keep freshwater fish (tilapia and grass carps).

Dining inside huts suspended over the stream. The table tops were cut from huge chunks of wood. Nice touch. Could do away with the plastic chairs.

The cabanes for rent (about RM100+) per night. Quaint but need to investigate the interior first. Judging from the overall appearance of the 'resort', I'll keep my reservations first...

Swirling schools of tilapias in the lake coming up for fish food. I find the odour from the fish waste overwhelming (even my appetite) as there weren't any system put in place to address the problem (could the owners be immune to fish odour?). Overcrowded waterways (with fish) is not the way to keep a healthy resort (nor to stay in) - the ponds should at least be planted with water plants to help recycle the fish waste and to keep the odour problem in check...

Dining alfresco

View of the 'stage' for Karaoke. Surprising take on the concept of a resort meant for 'de-stressing' (the owner told me so)...barely we were into midway of our meal at 8 pm and there were already amateurs singing full throttle. Be warned.

The water flows over the walkway. Nice.

Crevices that create natural jacuzzis.

Evening lights...

Water from the stream was diverted and exploited for the landscape. Good idea but need to have good filtering and waste management so as not to pollute the already very fragile stream...

Our meal: calamari and long beans cooked in spicy Thai sauce

Sweet potato leaves stir-fried with fermented bean curds.

Tofu home cook-style

Night falls...


  1. hmmn not sure what else the 'resort' can offer besides fishing. any wild anomals watching ?

  2. Bird watching seems feasible