Betau Valley

Betau Valley

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Our first Nga Choi kai in Ipoh

I was in Ipoh recently for a short visit with my wife and we decided to go try something iconic of the Ipoh town cuisine - bean sprout chicken rice or in cantonese "Nga Choi Kai". Being unfamiliar with Ipoh and no guide, we went for the obvious: the shop with the most customers in the makan street of Ipoh where all the chicken rice shops are concentrated.

We got a very crammed table next to the walkway as we were quite late (after 8) and the shop was already running at full capacity. 

This is what we ordered...

The rice

the chicken

the bean sprout

the fish ball soup

ensemble of the whole dish

 We got a seat next to this counter - which was very warm and in constant danger of being knocked by the waiters' serving tray...

The restaurant from the road...

The verdict: 

Ignoring later that an Ipoh friend told me the best chicken rice is actually not inside the old town, this is how I felt: the dishes are way too salty and have too much MSG in it. Service was rapid but rather unsure for the customers as they practice their own codes when it comes to ordering, which was fine. I would say that it is not something which will make someone (at least me) drive all the way from KL to Ipoh just for this...

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