Betau Valley

Betau Valley

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Cameron Highlands during a break in the wet season 2016

Cameron Highlands is basically not far from Raub and it is a good under 2 hour drive from Raub town. We usually spend a few days there every end-of-the -year holidays and this year was no exception. However, these are from a day trip done on a whim - to Habu because of a break in the gloomy weather but surprises - it was windy and exceptionally cold at around 14-15 degrees celsius in the day time...

 At the teashop - as we were still early, the tourist horde has yet to arrive and we were scrambling to look for a shielded spot from the cold wind...normally at 15 degrees celsius it shouldn't be cold but the moisture in the fresh air made it so.

Above views taken from above the small tea hill at Habu Boh Estate.

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